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About us

Tandem is the only free marketplace for care services. We connect families with reliably-vetted babysitters, and provide sitters with quality jobs; we want to create long-lasting relationships on the basis of trust. Our goal is to connect families with reliable sitters from all backgrounds, and to make your date night, weekend away, or workday go as smoothly as possible. We know that finding sitters can be stressful and time-consuming, so we strive to relieve that pressure for you.

Tandem values parent-sitter equality; decisions should be made between the two parties, not by our organization. We allow parent and sitter communication outside of us once we have facilitated the connection. Parents decide what they want to pay their sitter based on the particular scope of the job, and sitters set their rate range so that we can easily pair the two. Our job is to match families with the best sitter for their needs, and then parents and sitters can take it from there!

Employee Core Values


We believe providing a trustworthy reliable sitter to a family is of the utmost priority.


We recognize the significance of all contributions, small or big, that Tandem employees bring to the table. We respect each other’s roles and responsibilities, and look to encourage and understand each other daily.


We strive to keep trust at the foundation of Tandem. With trust comes open communication about the good and the bad.


As Tandem employees, we are Tandem’s biggest fans. We look to uphold that standard by constantly making decisions that will allow Tandem to excel and expand to new markets.

The Team

Olivia Weinstock - CEO and Co-Founder

Olivia Weinstock - CEO and Co-Founder

In 2010, at the age of 11, I founded my first business - a summer camp for local children, run in my backyard. By the end of my high school career, Kiddie Kamp had grown to over 100 kids and had created an interconnected network in my small community. This network allowed me to build something so valuable - trust. The connection between a parent and a caregiver is something so important. Over the years, I have learned this from the perspective of a parent, as I’ve provided countless recommendations, and of a sitter, as I’ve taken care of countless children.

In 2019, I took this knowledge and used it to found Tandem - the free marketplace for care services. Tandem is a free platform that connects families with caregivers based on our core values: mission, communication, respect, and performance.

McKenzie Kennelly - Technical Co-Founder

McKenzie Kennelly - Technical Co-Founder

Growing up, I always found it difficult to find a job. I was either too young, too busy, or too unqualified. And that’s why babysitting was always my go to side gig. Throughout college, I interned at a few different tech companies. However, I consistently struggled to love what I was working on. It was not until I started collaborating with Olivia and Natalie, brainstorming ideas and creating our carefully crafted vision for Tandem, that I became so genuinely excited about my work. As one of the engineers on the Tandem team, I spend most of my days coding. I get to reflect on the time when I was a babysitter. I know I would’ve loved this app. Beyond Tandem, I really enjoy goldendoodles, oat milk lattes, and exploring new cities, especially ones with good food.

Natalie Amling - Technical Co-Founder

Natalie Amling - Technical Co-Founder

I was a nanny growing up and I really value what it takes to be a great babysitter. For that reason, I am beyond excited to get to create a reliable and easy marketplace for parents to find trustworthy caregivers! I have had the joy of working for two Columbus companies previous to Tandem who really value what the Midwest has to offer and I look forward to taking part in bringing more exciting opportunities to my home town.

Allison Cuba - Product Engineer

Allison Cuba - Product Engineer

When my sister and I were in elementary school, my mom found the most amazing babysitter for us. She planned fun games for us, did arts and crafts, baked with us, took us to parks, and decorated the house on our birthdays. My sister and I adored her and loved going to her house every day, which made leaving for work so much easier on our parents. Babysitters can play such an important role in your family. Finding the right babysitter was so important for our family, and made an impact on our lives for years. I’m so excited to be a part of a team that’s making it a whole lot easier for hard-working parents to find and choose sitters. In college, I was a double major in Computer Science and Art. Working as a Product Engineer for Tandem allows me to use both my disciplines, and is a great blend of creativity and coding.