Tandem is here to help fill and maintain all of your childcare needs without the typical obstacles. Finding the perfect provider is simple and takes seconds - fill out a one time or recurring request and we'll send it out to the appropriate candidates! Finding reliable care for your children is priceless, and that's why we provide these services at no cost. Now you can enjoy your time-off knowing that your children are being cared for, or taught, by a qualified provider. We're there for your kids when you can't be.

Become a Tandem Family

Before you can start booking sitters through Tandem, we need to know some basic information about your family. Click the button below to sign up! Then, you’ll be on your way to becoming a Tandem family!

Request a Sitter, Nanny, or Educator


One-time provider

Do you have a date night Friday or a meeting Monday morning?


Ongoing or part-time provider

Do you need an afterschool sitter 3 times a week or a full time nanny?

Looking for a full or part time nanny?

Submit your recurring request on Note your needs through the dates, hours, pay, and preferences fields.

We'll send your request to candidates who fit your preferences and who are looking for a similar type of job.

You’ll get a text from each candidate, as well as the ability to view their bio on the parent portal! From here, you can choose to schedule calls, interviews, or whatever you need to get to know the candidates better.

Once you’ve decided on a nanny, press “Confirm” next to their name in the parent portal and you’re all set! If your schedule changes, you can edit the days at any time.

Providers you can trust

All of our providers must provide a reference when they sign up for Tandem. We reach out to their reference who ranks their experiences with this provider.

Providers must complete a background check before accepting jobs on the app. Evident, a third party service, conducts the background checks to give families the peace of mind they need.

Referral Program

Parents can now refer their friends to Tandem--and get paid to do it, too! Log in to your parent portal, and navigate to Referrals to find your unique referral link. Send it out to other parents, and when they sign up with Tandem and book their first job, you'll get a $10 discount on your next booking!

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